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Our team responds to orders as quickly as possible, and most orders are fulfilled within 3-5 business days of receipt.  Processing times may be extended during peak demand for other services, and during holiday seasons. 

Current students: If you are a current student and school is in session, contact your school for official transcripts. If school is not in session, current students may request transcripts here. 

Current students and alumni of The Classical Academy should contact the school for transcripts.

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The Following May Be Requested by Alumni: must meet ALL requirements
Official transcript - Mailed to one student address or picked up in person – Each order includes three official transcripts and one unofficial transcript. Delivery to additional addresses is charged at the rate of $6 per address. $10.00
Official transcript - Mailed to one educational institution, employer or other third-party – Each order requested includes one official transcript mailed to one address. Delivery to additional addresses is charged at the rate of $6 per address. $10.00


The Following May Be Requested by Corporations / Universities / Attorneys:
Verification of graduation, one copy mailed to one address $20.00
Official transcript, one copy mailed to one address $20.00


The Following May NOT Be Requested:
Diplomas and GED Information We do not handle Diplomas or GED information. Please contact your school directly for a Diploma or GED information.


For More Information, Contact:


Academy District 20
1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 234-1777

For assistance in placing your order or for questions related to the request process, email the Help Desk at

Business are hours weekdays 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Closed holidays.

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